FreshForex On Facebook(SCAM)

I traded with and lost $300. This may not be a big amount to some people but I’m here to warn you people to not make the same mistakes which may lead to more loss than what I was able to experience. I started trading with upon stumbling on a link that was shared by Facebook user Chan Trader on the Forex Trading Club facebook group. The link which was posted promised a $15 rebate and 101%  deposit bonus. Little did I know that my deposit then would not be able to be withdrawn again and that the deposit bonus would only count as trading credits which would not give you any profits at all. The link directed me to fresh forex website to which I opened a real account with a deposit of $100( I deposited another $200 on my second). The second deposit was asked from me through an email from a supposed broker telling me fake signals and an advertisement where another deposit of around $200 and up would instantly guarantee me some profits. But is has been two weeks and I haven’t seen any two digit profit on my trading platform and I was only been able to receive more emails asking me to make more deposits. These brokers are fake and Im writing this to inform everyone so that any similar losses can be avoided.


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