Incompetent Freshforex Brokers

I am writing this review on FreshForex which is a company offering currency trading and claims to be one of the top forex trading provider in russia and primarily operates under their official website and claims to be licensed by KROUFR, a financial regulator, who have swindled me of my money and fooled me about making a lot of profits through forex trading.

Through the opening of a real account to which the difference with the other accounts was not made any clear to me and made an initial deposit of $725. As soon as I made my first deposit, I was contacted by a broker and engaged me in a conversation to which the benefits of an actual broker is better than binary options and how I could earn more with a partner broker than just simply relying on the binary options platform. I saw this as a promising venture and made the initial $725 deposit a $1000 investment by depositing another $300 before I officially started trading.

After noticing that I was not receiving any bonuses at all and failing to withdraw any profit at a considerable amount, I stopped making deposits and just started demanding for even just half of my investment back when the broker I was keeping in touch with suddenly just left me with a clueless customer support assistant. By then I have lost around $600 more or less and was insisted upon making another deposit to meet certain “quotas” and reach specific amounts enough for me to make the withdrawal.

After several attempts in following up in getting back what was left most of my account and got endlessly asked for account details, repetitive demand for the account of my recent transaction, I decided just to leave Freshforex but start devoting my time to making sure everyone knows that it is better to not trade with because they are a scam so this is just to remind and inform everyone of my bad experience and how my money was stolen for me by



Lost Profits from is a forex broker site I stumbled upon while looking for a broker that does not charge too much on their services without any minimum deposits.I have been trading with FreshForex for two weeks for me to realize that it was scamming me in a different way.  I am sharing this information to show that FreshForex has new inventive ways to rip you off your money and that its a scam.

I opened a classic account that offered swap free trading as a feature which guaranteed that there would be a fixed commission fee and would not charge any interest rates. I deposited an initial $850 and placed my trade. Upon going through my balances and transactions, although there were some considerably decent profits and I was disheartened to know that $125 was charged as the commission fee of the broker. As a part of their guarantee, this was refunded as trading credits but still did not give me enough balances to withdraw a decent amount.

So I made a second deposit this time a deposit of $1,100 and placed my trades. About two days later when I was about to check on my profits, I found that the trades I placed were closed but found considerably high profits when I calculated what I can withdraw at around $1,900 including profits and remaining balance, I was shocked that it mentioned that I could not withdraw and that I am not holding a sufficient amount to withdraw. I then contacted the customer service and upon a closer inspection of my complaint, I was told that $225 was charged on my second deposit as a commission fee and when I said that they couldn’t do that because of the swap trading and that I did not make any note upon registration that I swap trading is to be included in my account. This struck me not only of the incompetent support that the company had but also that the company may not be as skillful and efficient as I thought it would be when I registered.

I realized then that the company will keep charging more unjustified fees within every deposit and any questions would be met with an incompetent and clueless customer support until a trader gives up and leaves all of his investment just in the hands of the brokers. Since there is no actual proof that the investment and deposit was lost and resulted into no profits or return on the client’s part. This should be a warning to everyone looking at as their option in doing online trading in any sort of asset of forex major. Some might say that there is a high return but this might only be the case after a number of large deposits where is an actually large amount for them to earn while making sure that you keep making deposits and engaged in placing trades with supposed large profits but always not enough for a withdrawal. This is Freshforex way of scamming people and ripping off their money without raising too much suspicion and attracting too much unnecessary attention with their company receiving bad comments.


My experience with the scam forex broker Fresh Forex.

I have recently opened an account at Fresh Forex, they that scalping and news trading is allowed, but several minutes after I closed my account, they have emptied my account, and to my surprise, it also happened to my friend when he was done trading and closed his trade for the day.

The account that I currently have was the 1:1000 leverage and I have gone to deposit $700 dollars to the company yesterday and my account no is 365498. What I ended up doing is I opened the sell trade for the lot of EUR/NZD and after several minutes just after the new rate decision was aired live, and by that time I could have sworn that I made almost $5000 on that day and I immediately closed my account afterwards and ponder my success for couple of minutes.

What ended up happening after is that I can’t seem to withdraw any amount of money in my account, I tried contacting the support to ask what seems to be the matter but they are just asking me to send them documents for the authenticity of my account. They have seemed to forget that I am a part of their business, I am their client! I have been repeatedly contacting them and they have been giving me the same excuse every time, but I have been sending them what they needed, all the documents and all but to no avail, I still can’t withdraw my money.

After several hours and days of consulting the customer service, they have given me another silly excuse; they said that I have to pass a withdrawal slip that I already passed several days ago. Now, I just give up, they can have all my money and all but I will leave all of you with a warning. Fresh Forex is the scam, I would suggest not to trade with them because they will just rob you of your own money. This is just another scam company that is lurking on the internet, I repeat don’t ever deal with Fresh Forex, it is a scam!


FreshForex which is a forex trading provider online to which I opened a classic account that offers a 1:1000 leverage. It claims to have been operating since 2004 so to say it has experience. Normally, when you type in a forex trading company or a site that offers binary options and other online trading services, information to whether a particular site is a scam or not will appear but apparently, FreshForex Brokers has new ‘fresh’ ways to steal your money and your investment and bring you no profits at all.

The classic account of other account types supposedly comes with the deposit commission where a commission charged to the account holder is given back for trading credit to the trader. The refunded commission fee originally charged under the initial deposit is to be refunded back to the client as a full trading deposit on his account. This was the case when I was assisted by one of their online brokers.

Fresh Forex offers no minimum deposit where you can trade basically from any small amount. I was able to deposit $650 and was surprised to be assisted then by a support assistant instead of the broker whom I talked prior to the deposit, through this assistance I was informed that no withdrawal can be made through the first deposit which I was shocked since this was not mentioned by the broker whom I talked with before. Through the support’s explanation, $100 out of my $650 deposit was placed as a commission fee for my broker and has been refunded through credits and cannot be withdrawn unless I make enough profits or make another deposit.

Although this came as a surprise, I let it go and went on with placing my trade and all and by the time I was able to see what little profits I have, I went on and deposited another $500 so that my withdrawal would be big enough to avoid any transfer fee. But upon trying to withdraw on the final trade I closed, my profits were all gone and was informed that my account was placed on hold due to a negative balance and was informed that I needed to deposit another $300 to make the withdrawal. This time around $200 was deducted as a commission fee for my trading account and has been converted yet to just trading credits which cannot be withdrawn unless another deposit has been made.

It was at this point that I realized that this was the Freshforex way of scamming people to where a lot may have not been able to realize in the first place. The process goes on and on from the first deposit to more deposits required until you actually have accumulated a huge profit enough to be sent back to you. This is their way of ripping people off and stealing their money without getting the suspicion of their clients.