I opened an account with with a deposit of $3000. I now want to close my account and withdraw it all back. My account says I have $3459.54 but I was unable to withdraw it in the past two weeks without success. After I told them that I would sue them, there has been less response from them except for the occasional email with the weekly signals or analysis but other than that I have been turned down by support and has piled up a long list of unreturned calls. The trading activity also stopped and my trading platform seemed frozen since I started complaining and demanding for a contact with a broker.

Beware of fresh forex because they are just like the others who seems legit and real at first they will entertain you 24/7 and always advice you on your trades but is really luring you in and making you give a lot of money without even noticing how much you invested anymore. The no minimum deposit is also suspicious enough and they will make you feel like you earned some profits but it will end there as long as they have stolen enough money until you get suspicious so be careful of fresh forex who is a big scammer in forex trading.


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