Incompetent Freshforex Brokers

I am writing this review on FreshForex which is a company offering currency trading and claims to be one of the top forex trading provider in russia and primarily operates under their official website and claims to be licensed by KROUFR, a financial regulator, who have swindled me of my money and fooled me about making a lot of profits through forex trading.

Through the opening of a real account to which the difference with the other accounts was not made any clear to me and made an initial deposit of $725. As soon as I made my first deposit, I was contacted by a broker and engaged me in a conversation to which the benefits of an actual broker is better than binary options and how I could earn more with a partner broker than just simply relying on the binary options platform. I saw this as a promising venture and made the initial $725 deposit a $1000 investment by depositing another $300 before I officially started trading.

After noticing that I was not receiving any bonuses at all and failing to withdraw any profit at a considerable amount, I stopped making deposits and just started demanding for even just half of my investment back when the broker I was keeping in touch with suddenly just left me with a clueless customer support assistant. By then I have lost around $600 more or less and was insisted upon making another deposit to meet certain “quotas” and reach specific amounts enough for me to make the withdrawal.

After several attempts in following up in getting back what was left most of my account and got endlessly asked for account details, repetitive demand for the account of my recent transaction, I decided just to leave Freshforex but start devoting my time to making sure everyone knows that it is better to not trade with because they are a scam so this is just to remind and inform everyone of my bad experience and how my money was stolen for me by



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