My experience with the scam forex broker Fresh Forex.

I have recently opened an account at Fresh Forex, they that scalping and news trading is allowed, but several minutes after I closed my account, they have emptied my account, and to my surprise, it also happened to my friend when he was done trading and closed his trade for the day.

The account that I currently have was the 1:1000 leverage and I have gone to deposit $700 dollars to the company yesterday and my account no is 365498. What I ended up doing is I opened the sell trade for the lot of EUR/NZD and after several minutes just after the new rate decision was aired live, and by that time I could have sworn that I made almost $5000 on that day and I immediately closed my account afterwards and ponder my success for couple of minutes.

What ended up happening after is that I can’t seem to withdraw any amount of money in my account, I tried contacting the support to ask what seems to be the matter but they are just asking me to send them documents for the authenticity of my account. They have seemed to forget that I am a part of their business, I am their client! I have been repeatedly contacting them and they have been giving me the same excuse every time, but I have been sending them what they needed, all the documents and all but to no avail, I still can’t withdraw my money.

After several hours and days of consulting the customer service, they have given me another silly excuse; they said that I have to pass a withdrawal slip that I already passed several days ago. Now, I just give up, they can have all my money and all but I will leave all of you with a warning. Fresh Forex is the scam, I would suggest not to trade with them because they will just rob you of your own money. This is just another scam company that is lurking on the internet, I repeat don’t ever deal with Fresh Forex, it is a scam!


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